Saturday, 9 August 2014

Etsy Day Nanaimo Vendor Update

Save the date and spread the word!!!

Here is an updated list of the 32 exhibitors who have already committed to participating in Etsy Made in Canada Day, September 27th, 4-9pm at the Nanaimo Musuem.

Bramble Lane Paperie
Balsamroot Glass:
JeMa Leather:
Mouse and Moose:
Images by Kent Olinger:
Sticks n Stone:
3 Little Gems:
Soulful Bracelets:
EB Creative Visual Arts:
Qualicum Clothworks:
Helen Kilsby:
Taylor'd Metals:
Mixed Metal Mimi:
In Spiral Art Jewelry:
Nikki Designs:
Hot Piece of Glass Beads:
Lily and Lane Photo:
Seams Simple by Sue:
Linda K Design:
Naturally Wood:
Inspirations Studio:
Blossom Beach:
Forget-me-knot crochet:
Secret Storage Books:
Moba Design:
also coming to this event:
Bread & Butter Catering
Purple Butterfly Angel Card Readings:
The Vintage Rose tea leaf reading
If you are interested in being a vendor, here is more information:


1) Are the 50 pieces for Swag Bags mandatory? 
No, it is not, and if you would prefer to donate 1 single item instead for our door prizes, that is totally fine, just let me know. Swag bag items can be as simple as a coupon to be used at the event
2) Posters ~ Will there be posters? 
Yes, Etsy is sending out a poster link on August 19th, once I receive it I will send it out to all of you
3) How do people pay at the market? 
 Payment Methods at the Show ~ For those of you who do lots of markets you probably already have a merchant vendor, if not 'Square' is available and is super easy to use through your iphone or ipad. 
As well, Payd Pro through  Moneris just came out with debit for your phone via bluetooth. It is $20 a month till the card reader is paid for and 15 cents / transaction..I think she said the first 200 transactions are free right now  though.

Here are some links that may be of interest to you

If you haven't already joined the West Coast Handmade Team (the team that is putting on this fantastic event) here is the link to join 

Here is the link to the Exhibitor Info if you would like to pass it to anyone who may be interested in being a vendor

Here is the link to our FB events page so you can share the link and invite your customers and guests to attend

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